Councillor for Markets, Ángel Luis Muñoz Grau, has announced that the municipal company ILDO has been appointed to ensure the assembly, breakdown and control of security measures in markets in the municipality of Orihuela for the next two years.

This service will be carried out by six operator-controllers attached to the I.L.D.O. Special Employment Centre, and a member from the professional activity support unit for staff with functional diversity. They will all wear identification vests identifying them to the public as information and support staff

The councillor also announced that “three rest areas are going to be stablished at each market for the elderly and pregnant women, made up of a tent, a table and at least four seats per site.

They will be responsible for ensuring the correct assembly and breakdown of the markets along with access control, deliveries, cleaning and management of the portable toilets and the provision of information to the public.

They will also inform the market police of any infractions, incidents or alarm situations that may arise in order to reduce the number of petty thefts and make the markets safer.