NEW ARTISTS, Tony Baden from Orba and Roman Potapov from Calpe will be featured at the Jalon Art Café, next Saturday 25th June. Casa Claudia’s Jalon.

Both artists are very unique in their styles so it should be an amazing showcase.

We are now doing the 4th Art Café and we are continuously learning. One thing that has fascinated us is how the artists value their work. Some works have been on display for as little as 25 Euros reaching up to the other end of the scale over1.000 Euros it can get confusing.

For the person wishing to buy art and wondering what a true value may be. To understand it seems to be all about the following and building an audience. Once you have fans of your work you can gauge the value in Euros. A lot of artists have told me that they have received their best reward by actually producing the work.

Monetary value is a pure bonus, Many artists are happy to see their work get the light of day and not be in a store somewhere. Because we are getting to know these artists we see the passion that goes into creating a piece of work that is more than just an image to the eye..

Who can tell? There is always a chance the picture that you buy will increase in value., but if it gives you joy then so be it. Without art as they say, the world would be a very grey place.

Any art lover will appreciate the work that goes into producing an original piece of art. Looking at an original piece of work that is displayed in your home can give you inspiration and lift your spirit Whether you are a visitor to the area or own a home in the Costa Blanca, you should not miss the opportunity to check out the incredible art on show and enjoy some creative conversation with the artists who delight in sharing their stories with you

The Jalon Valley is proud to present some outstanding local artists who have been drawn to Spain and have made their homes in the Costa Blanca. This is an area of spectacular beauty where artists from around Europe and internationally, find inspiration from their surroundings and lifestyle. For these artists, living and experiencing the dream not only keeps their creativity alive but constantly motivates and awakens their senses.

Up to date we have welcomed artists from Spain, Holland, England, Belgium, Germany, Scotland. At the next café we are delighted to invite artist from the Ukraine and South America.

We advise you to arrive early at 10.00, paintings can have a reserve put on which you can collect at any time during the opening hours. The market closes at but the Art Café is still open for drinks and food to wind down a busy Saturday and catch up with friends.

The next dates for the Art Café will take place on Saturday 25th June and 30th July.


Artists who want to showcase, please get in touch. You can call Lauren Staton on 665012228 or write to To submit your work through the website  visit