Due to an emerging consensus among national team associations, managers, players and supporters that friendly fixtures do not adequately challenge national squads, UEFA and its organisations came up with this competition amongst the 55 countries that make up the UEFA membership. Get the most recent Soccer odds and betting trends at Soccer Betway.

How Does the Nations League work?

The 2022/23 World Cup will have three 16-team leagues and a fourth including seven nations, just like the 2020/21 competition. As a result of the promotion and relegation of teams from the previous season, each group was formed.

To advance to the knockout rounds in June 2023, the four League A group winners must first win their respective group championships.

For Leagues A and B, the countries placing fourth in their categories in 2024/25 will be demoted, while the winners of Leagues C and D will be promoted.

In March 2024, play-outs will be held for the League C teams that finished last in their respective groups. The clubs who have been eliminated will be placed in Group D to begin the playoffs.

Teams that do well in the Nations League will have a road to the EURO 2024 qualification playoffs, but UEFA has not confirmed the specific details just yet.

A Look at The UEFA Nations League Rankings

League A, B, C, and D will use points and goal difference, among other factors, to determine the overall ranking. This includes the number of away goals a team scores, as well as any disciplinary points against them. It is not taken into account in League D when comparing the first, second, and third-placed teams in their respective groups.

What Benefits Do National Associations and Teams Enjoy?

According to national organisations and coaches, friendly international matches were not offering appropriate sporting competition in consultation with UEFA. For national teams, the UEFA Nations League provides more relevant and competitive matches and a timetable and organisation for national-team football.

The UEFA Nations League Finals, an event of the highest calibre, is another option for elite teams.

Lower-ranked teams who have battled against higher-ranked opponents now have the opportunity to participate in evenly matched games.

Friendly internationals will still be played during September and December 2020 as a result of the UEFA Nations League taking their place.

Distinct scheduling benefits both clubs and leagues, and there’s now a clear break between the conclusion of the UEFA EURO and the start of the FIFA World Cup, as well as financial security.

What Benefits Do Supporters Enjoy?

Friendship games are often less competitive and significant than regular season games. With this new opportunity, they will be able to see their teams compete in more intense settings.

What Impact Will the UEFA Nations League Have On World Cup Qualifying?

However, it is quite doubtful that this is the case at this time. The playoff system isn’t a viable option for UEFA, especially for teams in Leagues C and D, where there are only 13 spots available against 24 at the Euros.

At the time of the draw, FIFA will almost certainly employ its own World Ranking to determine the qualifying draw pots.



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