SC Torrevieja fielded four juveniles in the final fixture of the of the Valencia 1st Regional Group 9, 3-2 away win at Algueña.

Torry dramatically ended the 2021-22 season with a Gonzalo winner on 90 minutes following a comeback by the Torrevejense, after trailing 2-0, to notch up their seven consecutive win and retain second place.

“Four Torrevejenses youth prodigies Omar, Yoel, Esteban and Ruan, made appearances at the higher level and underlines the club’s future foundations,” said a club spokesperson.

Torry fielded four juveniles against Algueña.

“The euphoria of fans reminded at times the crowd that thronged the past three decades at the Vicente Garcia.  “Players, veterans and newcomers, celebrated the goal with coaching staff and peers, with a seventh consecutive win that had not been matched in the final stretch of the championship by any other club in its group.

“An exciting and full summer lies ahead of work, to dream of new challenges.

“If any lesson has been left, it is what is not achieved with real effort, resignation, companionship and desire, to excel without limits,” added the club spokesperson.

Caption: SC Torrevieja youth prodigies Omar, Yoel, Esteban and Ruan underlines club’s future foundations.