• ‘Crev’ await RFEF Third Division outcome

Crevillente Deportivo are awaiting a decision as to whether the club will be granted promotion to the RFEF Third Division.

On June 4, Patacona CF ended Crevillente Deportivo ‘s dream of being promoted to the RFEF Third Division, a year after being relegated.

Crevillente lost the final play-off game to gain promotion, against Patacona.

However, ‘Crevi’ have a hope of returning to the Third RFEF next season.

Circular number 9 of the Football Federation of the Valencian Community (FFCV) statement reads, surrounding vacancies in the Third RFEF:

‘If once all the phases have been completed and the planned promotions have been completed, there are vacancies in the sixth group of the Third Division.

These will be occupied by the team that, having ranked first in the Regular League among the five groups of Preferred, would not have achieved promotion in the second phase (Play Off for Promotion to Third RFEF)’.

A decision to the conundrum outcome awaits.

“A minimum of 5 teams will be relegated to the Preferred Regional League, which will be the teams ranked 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th in Group VI of Third Division RFEF, as long as there are no relegations of the teams from the Valencian Community that take part in the Second Division “B” (Second RFEF).

In the event of relegation of teams from our Community that take part in the Second Division “B” (Second RFEF), and once the maximum number of teams planned for the Third Division for the 22/23 season (16 teams) has been covered.

In accordance with RFEF Circular No. 98, those that exceed said number must be relegated, by dragging, to the other territorial categories (Preferred, 1st and 2nd Regional), with the relegation corresponding, in a number equal to that of such excess, to the teams that they would have occupied the positions immediately prior to those who lost the category due to their score,” states the FFCV.

With Levante B dropping into Tercera RFEF, a decision awaits if the vacancy will be filled with the drawn team, but with the best of Preferential.

Judicial decision

The outcome is subject to the interpretation of the judge, or the appeal that is likely to be filed by the clubs involved.

The final decision will be made, once the promotion play-offs are completed, on which teams are promoted and relegated.

The FFCV has confirmed that the decision or interpretation is not in its hands, but that of the sole judge.

The judge is the one who determines promotions and relegations each season.

Clubs that believe an injustice has been made, once the outcome has been announced, can appeal to the sports justice.