The third SAMM Race Day dawned bright and fair but with light winds. For a change the Race Officer set a square course to give the main points of sailing a beat, a reach, a run and a reach back to the start line, sailed clockwise so starboard around the marks

Race 1. Wind 2-3 knots NE.

The start was planned for 11:00 but, due to setting up problems, the two Balaton boats on swing moorings couldn’t make it in time so it was delayed until 11:15.

Slow start by some and as usual the faster dinghies got away and left the Balaton Sailfish behind, after a couple of laps the dinghies were lapping the Sailfish, especially when the wind picked up a bit. Not important for the Average Lap race format used.

There were some tussles with close racing and good battles especially between the Laser and Omega and, although most of the fleet were separating, there were similar boats also had a bit of a ding dong and plenty of overtaking. The wind gradually built to 4-5 knots and all had a good race with a very tight result of only 4 seconds between the first and second placed boats.

Results were first Shoestring Uno (Mark Williams/Bob Lagden), second Shoestring Dos (Brian Murray/Diane Hardwick), third Shoestring Omega (Kerry Marlow/Tug Wilson).

Race 2. Wind 3.5 knots E.

A fantastic start from the off with all boats clearing the line within 48seconds, the best we’ve seen for ages, they all looked very professional. Again there was some very close racing between similar boats. The two Sailfish were neck and neck for a time, there was a very close battle between Shoestring Dos and Omega and the two Shoestring Gambas (Uno and Cuatro) were also close.

Boats were continually changing tactics all trying to get up the inside of each other approaching the start/finishing line to get ahead and steal the wind on the downwind leg and improve their places on each lap. Good fair racing with very few seconds between boats, especially the first four, once the results were calculated.

Results were first Shoestring Dos (Brian Murray/Diane Hardwick), second Shoestring Cuatro (Vernon O’Byrne/Steve Hall), third Shoestring Uno (Mark Williams/Bob Lagden).

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