The first of a series of meetings was held this week, dedicated to the drafting of the new tourism plan of Crevillente, which will be completed this summer.

The company awarded its editorial office is Soluciones Turísticas, the same company that drafted the plan in the neighbouring town of Elche.

This new plan will replace the one of 2018, as it is considered, by the council, obsolete to meet the quality levels to which it wants to bring the tourism sector of the town.

The Councillor for Tourism, Josep Candela, stated that “this plan will adapt us to obtain more subsidies in all areas and adapt to the new legislation in line with the Sustainable Development Goals”.

Both in the meeting with the civil servants and the different councils, as well as with the local businesses, the lines to be followed have been pointed out in order to combat the weaknesses that the municipality has and how to become a tourist reference while enhancing the natural, museum and festive resources, increasing at all times the public and private collaboration to make the visits more profitable and that all this reverts economically in the locality.

Candela Muñoz highlighted “the coincidences and the desire on the part of all those present to participate in the elaboration of the plan. It’s about believing in Crevillente, we are on the way to knowing how to sell what we are. For this reason, we have high hopes for the revitalisation projects that this will entail in all areas of the municipality”.

The Department of Tourism has recently launched the brand “VISITA CREVILLENT” and received in 2021 grants worth 52,000 euro, a higher amount than the budget of the area.