The new Orihuela council has announced that it will be taking a number of measures to the preliminary commission next Monday for their subsequent proposal to the ordinary plenary session in May. This will be the first ordinary plenary session that the two parties will hold following the motion of censure that resulted in the ejection of the Partido Popular government last month.

Among these measures is the extension, until December 2023, of the suspension of the Terrace tax, paid by hospitality venues, to occupy pavements or sections of roadway outside their establishments as well as the drafing of a tender document for the construction of the pedestrian road at the AP-7 bridge leading from La Regia to Lomas de Cabo Roig on the coast.

The suspension of the terrace tax will cost the council some 200,000 euros in this period while the drafting of the tender document for the AP-7 bridge pathway will cost 86,515 euros.

The full announcement includes a tranche of measures costing 1.4 million euros, the largest amounts of which, 664,160 and 420,104 euros respectively, will be spent on refurbishing the Men’s room in the Orihuela Archaeological Museum and the rehabilitation of the Moquita and Pando Twin Waterwheels to the west of Desamparados.