The European tournament was held on the 7th of May at the San Luis terrains and the mayor Eduardo Dolan Sanchez opened the competition with an accurate throw of the first boule receiving an enormous round of applause.

He attended with other representative from the Torrevieja Ayuntamiento  who sponsor this tournament to celebrate Europe day.  After a speech in several languages the game commenced.

Belgium finished in 2nd place

There were 11 clubs who play in the Las Salinas league representing their country to include Belgium, France, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain and European Union.

We had John Gaughan on the control desk retaining accurate records with Welshie acting as Umpire to keep law, order, and measure when necessary!

The 3rd placed team were France

There was a strong competitive spirit throughout the day but the eventual winners who game out on top were Spain with Belgium and France in 2nd and 3rd place.  The presentation of trophies was given by Jean Paul Mulero from the Sports council to the top three countries and certificates given to the remaining three countries who participated.

We thank Ingrid and her co worker who worked tirelessly cooking sausages and serving drinks!

Thank you to all the players for making this a memorable day.

Norma Parkway, Competition secretary Las Salinas league


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