In 1855, English poet Robert Browning coined the phrase, ‘less is more.’ Later, it would become associated with architect Ludwig Miles Van der Rohe, who designed The Barcelona Pavilion, a building used during Barcelona’s second World Exposition in 1929.

Today, this concept of less is more is not as widespread, as consumerism and technology have reached elaborate heights. Consumers in 2022 are spoilt for choice, but recent studies have indicated that these choices affect our decision-making skills.

Divide And Conquer

Fortunately, many industries have found ways to mediate this problem of over-saturation. A great example is the online casino industry, which generated a total of €850.7 million in gross gaming revenue in 2020 in Spain. Other European countries like the United Kingdom have a growing online casino scene.

The choice of platforms and games in the UK feels unlimited, and Great Britain’s online gambling industry reached a gross gambling yield of £3.1 billion between April 2020 and September 2020. In both Spain and the United Kingdom, sports betting is particularly popular, especially in football, which includes grassroots level football, an integral part of both countries’ societies.

Much of this recent growth in Spain and the United Kingdom comes from more competitors entering the casino space, including both high-profile commercial brands like BetMGM and Race Casino (owned by L&L Europe Ltd., a company that also owns All British Casino), as well as independent casinos.

To deal with this abundance of choice, directories and review platforms have skyrocketed in popularity in the online casino industry. These platforms allow players to carefully navigate the online casino scene since they explore a range of casinos available in specific countries.

By using casino directories, prospective players can skip hours of self-research and access all of the necessary information needed to decide where they want to play. In other words, casino directories are a simplifying strategy that helps gamblers avoid missed opportunities.

For example, if an individual wants to play on an online casino site that accepts PayPal, there are directories for just that. This helps players avoid registering for a casino that doesn’t have this feature.

Likewise, if someone is looking for the best casino bonuses available, review sites like Online-Slot provide this information. What makes a good casino bonus comes down to several factors, including wagering requirements, maximum payouts, expiry dates, and deposit methods, which are all things that can confuse and overload new players with no previous experience in online gambling.

That is why the industry expertise provided by directory platforms is so important.

Independent vs. High-Profile Casinos

It’s worth mentioning that even though casino directories help prospective players find what they are looking for in a sea of choices, it’s not a guarantee that every casino will feature on these websites.

By that, we mean independent casinos still need to find ways to compete with high-profile casinos, especially those that offer attractive promotions and have received support from some of the biggest names in the world.

For instance, BetMGM, which has both a land-based and online casino division, has several celebrity partnerships, including Barry Sanders, Jalen Rose, Wayne Gretzky, and Kevin Garnett. These big brands have advantages over smaller, independent casinos; to stay competitive, these casinos often provide more flexibility, faster payouts, and incognito gambling features to make up for their size.

There was once a time when people thought the more choices we have, the better. However, many people have started to become overwhelmed by this, and it has started to affect our decision-making.

To help ease this over-saturation, many industries, such as the online casino industry, have made use of directories and review sites to make combing through this abundance of choice easier on the consumer by separating different needs and interests into their own categories.