Petanca matches have certainly seen weather like never before in the Winter 2021/22 season.  So many matches have been postponed, found another date, then only to be postponed again!!

The rain and wind could not have come at a busier time for petanca  The Sunshine Winter League season was coming to an end, so each match was so vital in deciding which team were going to win their division, staying up or would they be relegated.  Then of course the final of the Cup, Plate, Bowl and Wooden Spoon -which had been played in a different format which was well received- had to be fitted in.

Yes it has been a very difficult season because on top of the weather teams have had to cope with players still catching covid, and as travel has become easier the urge to see family and friends after such a long time was understandably very strong.

At last though the last league matches and finals of cup, plate, bowl and wooden spoon were able to take place.

It took 2 days due to some pistes being flooded still.  The majority of teams and players were very understanding and co-operated with the decisions that the committee had to make.

The Sunshine League Presentation, after again being cancelled twice, eventually took place at the beginning of April.  It was well supported and the rainy weather did not stop teams collecting their medals.  It was held at Domino Bar in Los Altos and a big thank you to Colin, Sarahanne and staff for a good job in extraordinary circumstances.

The winners are: Division 1 Amigo Belgas, Division 2 Los Altos Amigos, Division 3 Laguna Rosa Bubbles, Division 4 Laguna Rosa Sharks

CUP Laguna Rosa Bubbles, PLATE Los Flamenca, BOWL Mediteraneo Piranas, WOODEN SPOON Peacocks Red

Big Congratulations to all the above teams.

The Sunshine Summer league started 2 days after the presentation and fingers crossed the warm weather is here to stay.