• Protesters say “no to urban abuse”

About 100 people gathered yesterday on the promenade at Playa Flamenca to say ” no to the destruction of the natural environment of Cala Mosca”, the last kilometre of virgin coastline on the Orihuela coast, where the construction of more than 2,000 homes is planned.

This is the first demonstration made by the Save Cala Mosca association, a non-political neighborhood and social movement, which calls for rejection of the “coastal destruction, because we are already saturated in concrete along the shoreline.”

With saucepans, whistles and banners, the protesters criticised the “failure of the Orihuela Council to offer more services” to Orihuela Costa, an area that shows a major deficit in infrastructure despite the fact that there are more and more residents throughout the year:”

More people means fewer shared resources and more traffic jams”.

The Ministry of Transport has taken the Valencian Community to the High Court of Justice for the plenary agreement that in September modified the partial plan by not taking into account a mandatory and binding report that warned of the damaging impact the construction would have on the N-332.

Meanwhile, the urban developer states that “the works can now be resumed, 15 years after they were brought to a halt”, because “the project has been modified to comply with all the legal measures required by public administrations and guarantees the preservation of the environment, as well as the protection of the endemic species of Cala Mosca”, the cat’s head jarilla and the Tudorella Mauretanica snail.

But, environmentalists and residents are far from happy, having now appealed to replace the modification of the plan, and have asked for its suspension. They have also submitted modifications to the Vega Baja Territorial Action Plan, to limit the urban growth of the region, so that it declassifies this land and becomes green infrastructure.