59 bottles of illegal whiskey, valued at €20,167, were discovered in Elche by the Fiscal Border Patrol (PAFIF) of the Alicante Civil Guard.

The illegal discovery of the whiskey came within the framework of the operations to control the illegal trade and distribution of food products.

The Civil Guard, in a routine investigation against food fraud, and in accordance with Law 38/1992 on Special Taxes, carried out a search in a supermarket warehouse and found the whiskey had no tax precinct.

Following the incident the whiskey has been placed into the custody of the Alicante Customs and Excise Administration.

Investigations are part of the intensification of controls against counterfeiting, sale, labeling, trade, illegal distribution, adulteration of food products and economic fraud, carried out by the Civil Guard nationwide.

A report has been sent to the Alicante Customs and Excise Administration, dependent on the Tax Agency, to carry out an analysis of the whiskey bottles and will proceed to resolve the file on the alleged administrative offence.

The Special Tax Law qualifies as a tax offence for the possession of derived beverages for commercial purposes, without bearing tax marks when the quantity exceeds 10 litres.

Caption: Illegal whiskey, valued at €20,167, discovered in Elche.