Amsonia – Blue Star – are soft blue, individual star-shaped flowers that bloom in fluffy clusters, putting on a lovely show for several weeks of one of the truest blues you will find in flower colours.

The foliage, narrow and lance shaped, is airy but substantial, with the added bonus that the autumn colour is a brilliant yellow, making them a very versatile plant in garden design.

Blue Star grows into a tidy, shrub like clump of upto 3 feet in height, and the same in width.

You will get more flowers, if you plant your Blue Star in full sun, but the plants can handle partial shade.

They will thrive in a hot humid climate, as we have here on the Costa Blanca, and are not fussy about soil. However, they do not like prolonged dry conditions. Once established, Blue Star can handle brief periods of dry weather.

When new leaves emerge, feed the plant weekly with a slow release water soluble fertiliser.

Blue Star requires very little maintenance, however, they can get floppy, when heavy with flowers, and when the seed pods form.

To prevent this, you can either stake them or trim them back by one third, after flowering, but trimming will mean losing their attractive seed pods.

Blue Star plants are virtually problem free – no pests or diseases bother them.

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