Representatives of the political groups Sueña Torrevieja, PSOE-PSPV and Los Verdes de Torrevieja have appeared together at a press conference to explain the joint request for a plenary session to audit the urban cleaning contract, recently approved in a governing meeting by the Partido Popular.

In today’s appearance the three spokesmen have made a chronology of the events that have led to the approval of this contract and outlined that “we are facing a file that puts the future of Torrevieja in serious doubt”, according to the spokesman of Sueña Torrevieja, Pablo Samper, explaining that “they have tried to approve different formulas to approve this service but the reality is that it is a process with many script changes” in addition “after thoroughly reviewing the file we understand that there are points that must be discussed” Andrés Navarro, PSOE spokesperson affirmed. Finally, Israel Muñoz, Spokesman for Los Verdes, “thanked the other opposition for accepting the request for public inspection of this file, since the public deserves to know the ins and outs”.

During the appearance, the lack of transparency in the contract since the beginning of the legislature has been revealed by the opposition. This file has not been without controversy, this being the service that represents the largest economic bulk within the municipal budget and that affects essential services that have been extended for years.

In addition, the “false masterpiece” as reported by the Supreme Court referring to how this same service was awarded more than a decade ago, which ended with former mayor Pedro Hernández Mateo sentenced to prison and disqualification from public office.

It is the first time in this legislature in which the councillors of Los Verdes, PSOE and Sueña Torrevieja, request this oversight prerogative that is contemplated in the articles of the Law of Bases of Local Regime, being this a public mechanism of giving of accounts.

Lastly, the opposition has agreed that the situation of “harassment and accusation” that the spokesman for Los Verdes, Israel Muñoz, is suffering for publicly inspecting the contract, just as the spokesman for Sueña Torrevieja has suffered, “is the consequence of the anti-democratic drift of Eduardo Dolón in his return to power in Torrevieja” they have asserted.