Cazoo Premier League

The Premier League kicks off this week at the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff on Thursday 3rd February. Eight players will compete for the £ 1,000,000 prize fund, a £ 145,000 increase on 2021.

A new playing format features for the first 14 weeks. Each night will be a K.O. event to a winner, who will receive 5 points. Runner up receives 3 points, 2 semi finalists 2 points.

These are accumulated over 14 weeks, the top four qualifying for the finals. Each winner receives a 10k bonus. Venues are in the UK, Eire, Holland and Germany. To be broadcast on Sky Sports.

Also on this week from 3rd – 6th is the inaugural World Seniors Championship at the Circus Tavern, Essex. Oldest competitor will be John Lowe at 76, favourite is who else but Phil Taylor, others include, Martin Adams, John Part, Keith Deller and Bob Anderson. All must be over 50 years of age.

The league resumes on 10th February after this weeks 2 K.O.Cup competitions, qualification for division 1 and 2 now complete after 15 matches commencing September last.

New fixtures for the remaining 7 games will be with all teams asap. For those celebrating St. Patrick’s day on March 17th, the league is suspended for 1 week.

Hub Hellraisers  v  Mind the Gap

A pretty good performance from the hosts this week against league leaders Gap, Sue Spiers taking the first leg on D15 to include a couple of 80+’s was a surprise for both sides. Unaccustomed to being behind, the visitors regained their composure, taking the next 2 through Bliss Wright 81,81, D20 and Gordon Cowan 85, D18. Darren Sanderson in blistering form 81,95, 4×100.

A lone 85 from Cheryl McGlynn in reply. Joy Gorman and Lesley Dolling D1 made it all square, the Gap not unexpectably bagging the next couple of pairs via Wright D4 and Carlos Escansiano D13. Sanderson adding 100,115,140.

At 2-4 down, skipper and MasterChef, McGlynn, ensured the opposition were well fed on her home made Pie n Mash and an abundance of Fairy Cakes, it certainly received the deserved plaudits, but didn’t affect the Gap’s accuracy.

Sanderson whacked in a further 3 tons and D8, followed by ” Esco ” 100,D8 for 2-6. Ali Scammell added a 3rd victory for the girls on D13, despite a 125 from Bill Warburton.

The remaining 3 legs went to the visitors, Wright, 125,85,D14, Paul Moody,D1 and Cowan D9, just overcoming a lively Dolling 87,100. MOTM – Dolling – Sanderson.

Ale House Totties  v  Dannys Bar

Dannys were in fine form against Totties, comfortably confirming their division 1 status for the 2nd half of the season, interestingly 2 points behind the ” Lads “but scoring more legs. Totties, soon to undergo a name change to ” Angels ” for the season’s remainder, managed just the 3 legs from Nikki Dean, D14, Christine Hutchinson D1 and Sharon Williams 93, D16.

Dannys led 2-4 at the break courtesy of Steve Collins D8, Karen Collins D1, Steve Field D16 and Rob Norbury D1. Plenty of all round good scoring from Dannys but just one ton from Jack Reilly.

Five winning singles from the visitors, Totties only credit, via Williams and some pretty good wins they were. John Giggs just eclipsing James Brown previous high out of 154, with a magnificent 158 ( 60,60, D19 ) Wow !  Steve Lumb, not to be outdone, found 100, a tasty 60 out, plus a 180 thrown in. Bob Smith, Lesley Lumb, 100, D2 and Alan Walker 137, D16, were the away sides other victors.

Tipsy Toad Tiaras  v  Boris Bears 

Boris’ Bears most definitely hit a purple patch for the last game of the first-half season, showing the Tiaras a thing or two about the beloved game of ‘arrows’.    The buzzing Bozza’s never took their foot off the gas, producing 23 sheet-worthy high scores to the Tiara’s mere 7.

Yvonne ‘Roofie’ Rouffignac (100), Brian ‘Gnasher’ Nash (100), Mike Fellows (132), Amanda Skinner (138) and Ron Chadwick (123) recording scores in the 3-figure territory for the Bear’s to a lone 133 from Tiara Pat Schofield (MOTM).  But it wasn’t just the scoring that did the visitors proud, it was essentially down to half a dozen, multi-dart check-outs.

Barry Shingler was in contention for MOTM for the Bears with 19-T12-D17 (81). However, it was with great aplomb that ‘Super Skinner’ Ken, under explicit instruction of captain Roofie, who took out 86 (T18-D16) in the pairs and then 89 (T19-16-D8) in his singles to rapturous applause from both teams.

Daughter Amanda commented that he never listens to his wife like that!  A fab night that could so easily have ended in disaster when the door to the toilets wouldn’t open.

El Capitan  v  Tipsy Toad Toppers

Despite this narrow defeat Toppers finished the 1st half in joint 4th spot, a little disappointing as they have the players to finish higher, but fail at times to have ” all guns blazing ” in the same match. At 3-3 the game could have gone either way, the Toppers managing just 2 legs, Lee Maiden giving his side the opportunity of the draw at 6-5, Vycka Bobinas spoiling matters with a last leg victory. MOTM – Olly Walker – Wayne Houson.

Wee Rock Horrors  v  Ale House Lads

The Lads away victory may have consigned the Horrors to Division 2, but it was a decent Rock performance and if continued will make them favourites for the div 2 title. Lads found all 6 doubles in the first period, Dario Sierra 100, D10, Dale McGuiness 121,140,140, with 2 outs, ( 64,59 ), lan Phillips D4, Andre Wing D16 and Karl Mallinson.

Although not figuring on the scoreboard, Rock posted some decent scores through Graham Solomans, 100,121,140 Tony Spiers, 2×100, Billy Dolling 100, 4×90+’s. Sierra wrapped up the match for the Lads playing Sue Frew who earned her sides MOTM, no wins, but fine scoring.

McGuiness 140,81,85, 95 out, won the match of the night against the in form Solomans 80,125. Dolling, Spiers and Mike Tierney gained 3 consolation victories for Rock, Eugene Lane adding the 9th Lads win to conclude the match. MOTM – McGuiness.

Milos  v  Pint Depot Queens

Milos secured Division 1 status with this comfortable victory over the Royals, at the expense of the Bears who will now be slight favourites to take the Division 2 title. Lorraine Cox completed 3 of her sides winning legs and deservedly earned MOTM. Jade Hockton won the 4th, along with some impressive scores. Javier de Gea also fared well with 3 outs for Milos taking the 7th and match winning leg on D8, meriting his sides MOTM.

Freakie Taverners  v  Hub Hyenas

Ernie Willis 100 posted the only score of note for Freakies after the opening 3 triples. Dylan Fitzsimmons claiming two Hub doubles, Alex Nikolov the third. Alan Havelock contributing 2 tons. John Rodford 100 and Havelock D4 made it 0-4, Eric Manders and Paul Durrant D10 adding a 5th. The 6th went Freakies way, Trevor Morris closing on 53, Fitzsimmons throwing a ton.

Havelock D2 and ” Fitz ” D10, guaranteed the visitors win and points, before John Boden took out 46 for the hosts 2nd of the evening. Rodford continued some fine form with 121,135 and an 80 out, T20, D10. Mitch Halliday added a 3rd Freakie win on D9, including a 121. John Eyre  ( he of little hair ) 121, threw the competitive dart of the evening into D7 for 3-9. MOTM – Morris – Rodford.