• The original post of the Local Police of Elche on April Fools’ Day with a UFO in Balsares

For years the Local Police in Elche has had extremely effective communication with the general public, particularly through social media pages, in which it communicates its work and gives valuable advice on how to proceed in certain situations.

For some years now, particularly on Holy Innocents Day, 28 December, it has always published a post with the aim of providing a smile and wishing the general public a happy day.

This is the one day a year when everyone is allowed to play practical jokes, a tradition similar to ‘April’s Fool Day’ which is practised on many other countries.

This year the Elche Local Police, whose work often involves dealing with dramas and unpleasant situations, started the day with an “announcement” that it had found an abandoned spaceship in the Elche district of Balsares.

Along with an image of a patrol car, a flying saucer was posted, as well as the following text:

“This morning, a crew from the Rural Territorial Unit located in Balsares found what appeared to be some kind of spacecraft. The communication of its presence within the airport’s CTR activated the ALERT protocol as we attempted to identify its occupants and origin.

Due to its characteristics, communication with the interior has been complicated. “We have heard nothing,” explained the coordinating officer who was dispatched to the scene.

For now, no hypotheses are ruled out. “We do not have any data to deny that it is of extra terrestrial origin, but neither can we discard some type of advertising campaign …” said a spokesperson.

A follow-up on the UFO has been arranged so that, according to current regulations, if it is not removed, it will be treated as an abandoned vehicle, as it lacks registration plates.

In 2020, also coinciding with Day of the Innocents, the Elche Local Police “caught” the DeLorean car from “Back to the future”.

How could it be any different?