The Local Development Agency (ADL) has received a total of 2,650,770 euro in grants for the hiring of 156 people in the field of employment and training.

The Councillor for the Economy and Finance and head of the Local Development Agency (ADL), Domingo Paredes, states that throughout the current year 2021, Torrevieja Town Hall has received  a total of 2,650,770 euro in subsidies granted in terms of employment and training through different programs for unemployed people such as EMCORP, ECOVID, EMPUJU, EPLAYAS, FOTAE, ET FORMEN and FOTAV. Specifically, it has been possible to hire and offer dual training to a total of 156 unemployed people.

Through the EMCORP program, with a subsidy of 266,512 euro, 13 unemployed people of at least 30 years of age were hired for a period of six months.

Likewise, through the ECOVID program, of social initiative grants aimed at hiring people of at least 30 years of age, unemployed as a result of the situation caused by COVID 19, the council was able to hire 38 people for 12 months in 2021, with an investment of 752,138 euro. In addition, 38 more unemployed people under 30 have also been hired for 12 months through EMPUJU, with a subsidy that has amounted to 769,789 euro.

The Councillor for the Economy and Finance has also reported that in support of the Service for the Management and Control of Access to the Beaches of Torrevieja due to the health measures derived from COVID-19, it was also contracted through the EPLAYAS 2021 program, with a grant of 138,256 euro, 31 unemployed young people during the three summer months.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the hiring of 12 people from vulnerable groups who suffer greater difficulty or discrimination in access to employment (10 students, a director and a teacher) for a period of one year, through the Employment Workshop “Vides de La Mata ”with a grant of 241,358 euro. Likewise, through the T´AVALEM FOTAV Employment Workshop “Maestro Ricardo Lafuente”, 12 people have also been hired thanks to the grant of 241,358 euro, also through LABORA.