For the second time this year, an authentic Arts and Crafts Fair will be organized in the Paseo de Lluís Vives in Oliva, to offer residents and visitors an excellent and last opportunity to get really original Christmas presents, all handmade!

After the successful fair that was held here during the Fira i Festes in June, town councilor Yolanda Navarro has invited the same craft association Amata to organize also this year’s Christmas market.

Each stall will offer something different and in many cases the artisan will be working on his or her craft, so you can see with how much love, skill and patience they make their pieces. Alicia will be painting or drawing portraits, María decorating Socarrat mini-tiles (traditional from the area around Valencia), Nati creating ponchos or crocheted hats, and Beni making figures or glass jewelry with a blowtorch.

Other artisans will give workshops for the kids, so they can make their own craft item and take it home. For the youngest there will be a carousel, board games and Sara is there, ready to paint their faces.

Some artisans will repeat, like the baker with his wood oven, others come to Oliva for the first time offering their marquetry, jewelry made of sea shells, boxes decorated with resin, wooden clocks or juggling toys. In this way there will be something for all tastes, and if you don’t find what you are looking for, the artisans can make it to order, sometimes at the fair itself!

The fair will be set up in the part of the Paseo de Lluís Vives opposite the covered market (Mercado Municipal) and opens on Tuesday, the 21st of December at 5 in the afternoon; on Wednesday the 22nd and Thursday the 23rd of December opening times will be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and in the afternoons from 5 to 9 p.m., although on Thursday the market may close a little earlier.

For more information you can call Amata at 639 979 678. And if you cannot come to this fair, you can find many artisans from Amata in their Virtual Craft Village, whenever you want and wherever you live