The double winner of the 2021 Spanish BTT Open Marathon and Ultramarathon Master 60, Manuel García, has given his Mojácar “Los Saltapitas” cycling club the jersey with which he has reached the highest podium in the sport of mountain biking.

Although he lives in Baza, there isn’t a weekend when he doesn’t get to his house in Mojácar or join his companions in the locality to ride his mountain bike on the tracks of the Sierra Cabrera which surround Mojácar and its districts.

From early morning you can see the Saltapitas group, who go out to train, but above all to have fun, and while they’re at it train, as they take part in all the region’s races. Not even the pandemic could dampen their enthusiasm, and although in smaller groups, they have never stopped getting up into the mountains every Sunday.

Juan Alonso, one of the founder members of the Los Saltapitas cycling group, and the most veteran, received, along with some of his fellow members, the jersey which the most prominent “saltapitas” Manuel García has dedicated to them with all his affection.

This veteran, lifelong athlete, has been a great enthusiast of other sporting disciples, with a passion for football and tennis, among others. Injuries and the decision to not cease in his determination to live a healthy life, led him gradually to the bicycle, “which has taken the least physical toll.”

It’s more than 10 years since he took the decision to dedicate himself exclusively to the bicycle, during which time he saw that no matter the many kilometres he did, he suffered no physical consequences and could carry on daily with his training.

Getting to be the double Spain Open champion has been a difficult road which has paid off, after successfully getting through 10 tough events which have got him to the very top.

Manuel García wants to stress that he is “a saltapitas in his heart”. He was virtually a founding member, almost 15 years ago now. This cycling club has been the first link and the motivation which has encouraged him to dedicate himself more seriously to the sport and which today has led him to being the number one.

He loves Mojácar and is a regular visitor. Now that the season is over he will have more time to spend with his fellow members and to plan next year, perhaps thinking about trying rally events, which is a tougher event category than marathons, according to García. Along the way he is setting his sights on Europe and the world championships with his Baza Club.