The League AGM  was held at Los Angeles Restaurant. With many members still not returned the Agenda was short and with no one waiting to take on a job the meeting ended early.

A number of clubs made payments for the winter league, with one new club Petanca La Marquesa from the Montesinos Football  Supporters club. They have 5 full size pistes facing the ground. They have a number of locals who wish to try.

This is the first playing area undertaken by Montesinos Town Hall, we wish them well.

With the Peacocks club moving to the El Rancho Country club they have a large playing area which with 4 teams is ideal. Rojales have also moved they now play at La Siesta, with a name change to LOS ROYAS they will now have a good home base. The closing date for Registration is October 1st.

Roger Seymour


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