Gambling at casino sites is a popular activity around the world, but residents of certain countries spend more time playing than others. The expansion of online casinos has only led to a surge in the popularity of the games and the number of active players mirrored this trend.

Countries such as China and India have the largest populations, but local players spend significantly lower amounts than their European counterparts. The US is still reeling from the UIGEA — but it shows the greatest potential for the years to come.

Prohibitive gambling laws and poor access to online casinos is partially to blame for the situation. On the other hand, other countries are leading the pack, both in the number of active players and the amounts they wager. In recent years, some nations have cemented their place at the top of the list, while others comes strongly from behind and could overtake them in years to come.

Australia tops the gambling charts

When it comes to the amounts wagered on average by local residents, “Australia is by far at the top of the list” according to a recent poll done by the website Its citizens are enthusiastic gamblers and have a lot of options because there are plenty of casinos accepting their business. Even though the online gambling market isn’t 100% regulated, Australians don’t face any legal repercussions if they choose to play. This is a strong incentive for them to have fun online and they enjoy sports betting and casino gambling.

Hong Kong and Canada are in the second and third place, with a minimal difference between the two nations. Residents of Hong Kong usually gamble in Macau, but also online and they have the financial means to pursue this hobby.

Canadians are usually betting at local casinos, but they also trust international operators who accept players from the North American country. Betting on sports and casino games are the favorite activities here, but there is no shortage of enthusiastic poker players.

Finland leads European gambling

Contrary to popular belief, the UK isn’t the nation with the most enthusiastic gambling population. That’s in spite of the fact that its market is regulated by the UK GC, one of the strictest and most respectable licensing body. Instead, it is Finland who tops the charts, followed at some distance by Italy. Norway is also on the list, with locals enjoying online gambling especially during the long months of night. They bet large amounts and also play regularly, which explains the nation’s position so high up on the list.

Other honorable mentions in the top 10 are New Zealand and Japan, which are both ahead of the United Kingdom. At the time of writing, the United States makes the top 10, but it is nowhere near the podium. This could change quickly and for good if lawmakers decide to pass gambling laws that would regulate the market. The US has immense untapped potential and international bookmakers and online casinos anxiously wait for the opportunity to open shop.