Torrevieja has paid tribute to the victims of Covid 19 with the unveiling of a memorial sculpture in the Paseo Marítimo de Juan Aparicio.

The monument, sculpted by the Crevillente artist, Pepe Miralles, carries the inscription ‘Torrevieja to the victims of Covid-19. You left in solitude, but you will remain forever in our memory’.

The initiative, just one of a number that are currently being carried out by the charity Alarum under the title ‘Hugs with Soul,’ shows two people hugging on top of a stone base.

Alarum representative Emi Alilaga said: “The memorial unites us all in the special remembrance of those who lost their lives as a result of this horrible virus”. “It depicts the embrace of compassion, a feeling that makes us more human and allows us to understand the pain of others”, she explained.

The ceremony was also attended by the mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, together with a number of councillors and the spokesperson for Ciudadanos.

Dolon said that he very much welcomed the sculpture, adding that once “the pandemic situation allows”, a “memorial service will be held to all the victims, and with the additional recognition of health workers, emergency services and others who have “helped to mitigate the effects of this tragedy”.

Pepe Miralles, meanwhile, said that he wanted to highlight that “the project has been a major responsibility.” He said that he wanted to symbolise all the hugs that we have not been able to share during these times”.

Prior to the end of the tribute, the Councillor for Education, Ricardo Recuero, announced that “an olive tree will be planted in each school in Torrevieja that will represent the memory of everything we are experiencing. Along with a number of other activities being planned for students they will act as a constant reminder to all the suffering that has been endured.”