• Spanish Red Cross Mojácar Assembly Stages Comprehensive Care For The Elderly Programme Course End Party

The Spanish Red Cross Mojácar Local Assembly has held an end of course party with the participants in the home workshops included in the Comprehensive Care for the Elderly programme which this institution has been running.

Comprehensive Care for the Elderly is an activity which Mojácar Red Cross has been carrying out for a long time with the aim of helping our senior citizens enjoy a good quality of life and have independence through workshops and courses, which go from providing them with healthy habits to knowledge of social media or the improvement of their cognitive functions. A broad programme so they can go about their daily activities in their usual surroundings.

This work by the Spanish Red Cross Mojácar Local Assembly with the elderly, which had always been carried out in person, at their facilities, so they could continue with their daily lives, providing them with tools and human support, had to be “reinvented” due to the health crisis. Courses and activities were started at their homes with a special weekly programme of very varied tasks: physical exercise, recipes, reading and hobbies, among others.

The improvement in the health rules has allowed, at last, for “getting out the house” and sharing a good time before the summer holidays with an end of course party.

The get-together at the Mojácar Red Cross premises in front of the sea started with a good breakfast which couldn’t be without chocolate and churros, which delighted the elderly people and prompted the first smiles.

Spanish Red Cross expert, Rosa María Vicente, managed to achieve a good group dynamic and the involvement of the participants, allowing her to reach an interesting and deep final reflection on how our elderly people have been affected by the extraordinary situation experienced over the last year and their expectations for the future.

The gathering ended with the presentation of end of course diplomas and a great deal of eagerness to start the new course, which it is hoped can definitively be with in person activities.