Numbers of mosquitoes in the Torrevieja municipality continue to grow exponentially. Rain and heat The two essential elements that are combining for this to be happening are rain and heat, but what is not being addressed are the necessary increases in those actions required to fight against the growing number of plagues, in areas where they are prevalent, rainwater pools and suchlike.

For this reason, Los Verdes de Torrevieja has presented a motion to the Town Hall demanding a better strategy in the fight against pests in the city as well as a request that the budget for this purpose be increased.

The situation we are facing because of climate change is much more worrying than it seems. Ticks have also become common in some parts of the municipality and the presence of other more dangerous, and even lethal mosquitoes, such as the tiger mosquito, is already a threat in this and other wetlands in the region.

Torrevieja declare war on Mosquitoes!
Torrevieja declare war on Mosquitoes!

The company that currently provides the fumigation service does so with a motorized vehicle that cannot access many of the sites where pools of stagnant water accumulate. That makes it impossible to act in the foci of the permanent plagues that Torrevieja suffers.

With this motion, Los Verdes say it is urgent that the authorities locate the points of greatest incidence, limiting their situation and addressing their eradication, draining the soil so that the waters do not stagnate and that they flow to the Laguna de las Salinas de Torrevieja.

That would require a field project that could be carried out with the collaboration of the University of Alicante, which would then be followed by the immediate drainage of the sites, by municipal personnel.

A spokesman said, “This is where it must be shown by the government team that they are really concerned about the health of the Torrevejenses.”