A 59 year old Icelandic man has been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Torre Pacheco for eight alleged counts of sexual abuse. The arrested man is also said to have a criminal record for paedophilia in Iceland, his native country, where he was convicted of sexually assaulting four minors.

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the ‘Paseadores’ operation, has arrested the Icelandic citizen as the alleged perpetrator of eight crimes of sexual abuse, all committed against minors in the municipality of Torre Pacheco.

The detainee, who is being held in prison, had a criminal record for paedophilia in his country of origin dating back in 1988, when he was convicted of having had sexual relations with four children.

He has been a resident of Torre Pacheco since the summer of 2020

The Civil Guard began the investigation by denouncing several families that their children, minors, could have been the object of sexual abuse by an Icelandic citizen, a resident of Torre Pacheco district, since the summer of 2020.

He is said to have used the same modus operandi to approach his victims and gain their trust. When he achieved a friendly bond with them, he offered them small financial rewards to try to sexually interact with them.

The Civil Guard has asked Interpol to check if he has pending cases overseas since, in recent years, he has resided in several Latin American countries.

The police confiscated a mobile phone and a laptop tapped on which pornographic and paedophile material has been found.