On Friday 26th March the Torrevieja branch of the U3A held its First monthly weeting for its members since the current problems commenced in 2020.
The meeting was a virtual experience carried out by the means of Zoom that allowed members anywhere in the world to partake from the comfort of their armchairs!. Everyone was able to see all the other people attending as well as the different officers whilst they made their announcements for the, hopeful, future.
The main speaker was a U3A member, Martin Pitman, who gave a very good presentation entitled “Strawberries from Nepal”. It was an extremely detailed look into the lives of certain groups in Nepal and was highly interesting and also thought-provoking.
The whole meeting was recorded and the video is available for members to watch on the Torrevieja U3A website and also on its Facebook page.
The next meeting to be held by this means will be on April 30th when we will have Brad De Abreu, a representative of “Age in Spain”, speaking to us about all the help and support available to those people living in Spain that their association.provides.
Anyone U3A member wishing to join in can do so by contacting our Media manager Les to register your interest in taking part and to receive the necessary link. Further details will be advised by separate means over the next couple of weeks. Get in early as there is a limit to attendees of 100 members.

Barry Weston, Torrevieja U3A Press Officer