Juan Ignacio López Bas will join Ciudadanos once again in the Congress of Deputies where he will replace Marta Martín as deputy for Alicante, following confirmation of the appointment by the provincial coordinator of training, Javier Gutiérrez, on Thursday afternoon.

López Bas, who occupies number 2 on the Ciudadanos list to Congress for Alicante will assume the seat vacated on Thursday morning by Marta Martín, who in a tweet announced that she was resigning her seat, but adding that it has been an “honour” to serve the Province of Alicante in parliament.

Gutiérrez welcomed López Bas, stating that he will play a great role in the promotion of Alicante and the Valencian Community. “He is a person who knows his region very well,” Gutiérrez said.

Lopez Bas previously served in the national government from May to December 2019.

Marta Martín has not only resigned from Congress, she has also left the Ciudadanos party saying that she has been unhappy with the strategy of the new leadership of Inés Arrimadas for a long time. With her decision she adds to the steady trickle of casualties from the senior ranks of Ciudadanos since the motion of censure in Murcia failed to unseat the PP.