By Linda Bentley

I usually write an article on travel but as the new strain of Covid is raging through the country writing about places to travel to, whether for the day or for a holiday, I feel is not a responsible thing to do. Firstly, I don’t want to encourage people to travel and Secondly, I don’t want you feeling down as you want to travel, like me, but want to feel safe and secure and not venture too far from the comfort and safety of your home.

Its not that I am scared, (well a little bit, as I am in my sixties) but feel we all need to be doing our bit to keep others safe and to help in the decline of this horrific virus. It is dire in the UK so lets all do our bit to stop it getting so extreme here.

I am not saying don’t go out as a lovely brisk walk in the sunshine can do us the world of good. Actually, the Vitamin D that we get from the sun is helpful against Covid or so the doctors are saying.

My favourite is to go to the coast and either walk on the waters edge or on one of the many walkways. We are so lucky as we have many beaches close by. There are always a few doing the same but put a mask on and you should be fine, as you are outside and away from crowds.

There are as I say many beautiful beaches, Moncayo being a favourite one of mine.
There are as I say many beautiful beaches, Moncayo being a favourite one of mine.

There are as I say many beautiful beaches, Moncayo being a favourite one of mine. You can at this time of year easily park your car, then it’s a short walk over a wooden walkway taking you through a conservation area of bullrushes and sand dunes. You feel like you are somewhere tropical as you saunter your way to the beach, the quietness and stillness is so noticeable, then as you see the sea suddenly the sound of the breaking waves on the shoreline breaks the quietness.

The beach is of soft, white sand that stretches for miles with La Mata to the right and Guardamar to the left in the far distance. There are no beach bars on the beach so be sure to take a drink, or if you would rather just sit by the sea and read a book, bring beach chairs and maybe a picnic to spend a few hours relaxing. Even at this time of year we can get lovey days to soak up the sun or endure a little breeze with a jumper on.

There is Guardamar with its long sandy beach, a promenade with many cafes where you can sit with a coffee and tostada or menu del dia and be socially distanced. Be warned through as the sun seems to disappear from the promenade early afternoon and it does get chilly outside.

Within Guardamar they have a lovely park with a small lake laden with turtles and many species of ducks.

Another beach area to walk is Punta Prima with its long wide promenade that takes you round the headland to yet another beach area. There is a lovely restaurant overlooking the sea with excellent Covid safety and hygiene, if you had the need to eat or drink.

We are just spoilt for choice in this area and maybe you have not been to the sea for some time, as that is the case when we live here. For me though it is a way of getting fresh air, away from lots of people and I find it invigorating.

If you would rather have a nature area away from the beach why not visit Las Lagunas de La Mata which is a Natural park with walks and views and a lake as green as the Torrevieja one is pink.  The green colour is due to  different salts. There is a Centre with information about the area. It is ideal for walking or cycling for those who love the fresh air and nature.

In these Covid times we still should support our local businesses if we can. So if you are happy to be outside and safely distanced then maybe use your local bars and cafes to help them keep going in these terrible times. Some are putting on live music in the afternoons, hence also supporting Musicians.  Take care and be safe.


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