José Luis Delgado Valdivia, the regional Delegate for Tourism Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration, recently visited Mojácar’s Justice of the Peace and Civil Registry as part of a Junta de Andalucía occupational risk prevention campaign for all towns with over 7,000 residents.

He was welcomed by the local Councillors for both Finance and Culture, Francisco García and Raquel Belmonte, with a plan to formulate a review of occupational risks specifically in this Covid situation.

As well as taking on board all the employees’ current concerns, another objective of this type of visit, according to the Delegate, is to maintain an ongoing, direct, and personal contact with the Town Councils. Although the Registry employees are attached to the Junta de Andalucía, the responsibilities of providing the work carried out through the town’s Justice of the Peace lies with the Local Administration, so it is vital to have a smooth working relationship between both.

Since the pandemic began, the Junta de Andalucía has carried out a thorough task in reviewing risks in the workplace with the provision of necessary resources in all judicial districts.  An additional effort is also made to regularly appraise all Justice of the Peace Offices to review their procedures in the hands of their own municipality.