Following a month of voting by the Mojácar’s residents, the town has a new flag, which has been chosen from three ideas presented by the local Council. The designs were created by a Gabinete Heráldico, specialists in the design and study of flags and information was circulated through the press and social networks, offering the chance to vote on the Council’s ‘Mojacar Informa’ Facebook page.

10,619 people viewed the flags, 3,212 interacted, with 145 comments.  The winning flag, which pulled in 268 ‘likes’, will be presented for final approval at the next town plenary meeting and will then be ratified into the Andalucían Register of Local Entities to become the official Mojácar flag.

The new flag respects the history and town’s traditions with design elements that go back over the centuries.  The double-headed eagle was the imperial symbol of the Austrian Empire and, also present on the coat of arms of Carlos I.  Due to the important role that Mojácar played in the uprising of the Alpujarras, it was distinguished in 1530 with the inclusion of the eagle into their  coat of arms granted by the Catholic Monarchs in 1497 for their part in the reconquest of the Kingdom of Granada.  Later, Felipe II was the monarch who added the motto “La muy noble y leal ciudad de Mojácar, llave y amparo del Reino de Granada.”

So, there are centuries of history that will finally be represented in this new flag, to which the town can identify and feel truly represented.