Mojácar Council is in the process of drafting a new Municipal Tourism Quality Plan, a document which will set out a strategy for the next few years, to be submitted to a town plenary meeting for approval.

In turn, this document will also form part of the ongoing dossier to request that Mojácar is officially recognised as a Tourist Municipality and, to gather ideas for the writing of the Quality Plan, the Council will be running a short survey that citizens and professionals from the sector are invited to complete.

The Councillor for Tourism, Emmanuel Agüero, along with the Tourism Department Director, Carmen García Campoy, are currently holding a range of meetings with businesspeople from the sector and other professionals.  The aim is to exchange points of view from those who are directly or indirectly involved in Mojácar’s tourism industry on what needs to be done in the short, medium, and long term to improve the town as a tourist destination.

This year’s major crisis has hit the whole world, not only in health terms, but economically.  It has brought about disastrous results affecting everyone’s whole way of life and surroundings, forcing us to rethink all preconceived plans. Now is the time to reflect and plan together, to make the town a more competitive destination.

When the confidence to travel returns and the tourists start to visit, the town must be ready to attract, provide and respond to a more demanding public, by maximizing available assets and working together.

Tourism with all its related services is Mojácar’s main industry, affecting 100% of its citizens in one way or another and, as everyone is directly or indirectly linked to the sector, this is an opportunity for them to have their say towards what will define the town’s future model.

Once all ideas and opinions have been gathered, they will be evaluated and taken onboard in the preparation of the Plan de Calidad de Mojácar 2021-2025.