• You love football and don’t want to miss any exciting matches. Did you know about the best live football websites to enjoy the match to the fullest?

Football is the king of sport, not only men but also women, at any age, everyone loves to watch football. The only way to watch the full game without going into the stands is by watching it online. Here are some of the soccer live streaming sites full of quality links from Vietnam. Offers a wide variety of tournaments around the world. Where you can see all the matches happening at once.

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Now a lot of people buy widescreen TVs to enjoy high-end games. Watching football is affordable, the screen must be wide and must be live. Many people have the habit of going to cafes to enjoy football, some people choose to watch again. However, most of the brothers often prefer to watch online football because they have to “be in harmony”, not “re-enjoy”.

Binhluan.tv is one of the best online football watch websites that you should not miss. The first one cannot help but mention the binhluan.tv website. If you want to watch good football, if you want to listen to happy comments, just watch this channel. This is the online football website that is interesting to a lot of people because it is extremely smooth. It can be said that binhluan.vn has a very smooth image and quality. As long as your network is tight, it feels like it’s good to know.

The next thing worth mentioning is that the comment mode of the commentators here must say is extremely muddy. Watching football or not a small part is to have a good comment, this cannot be denied. Want to hear happy comments from 1am to 3am, just choose binhluan.tv to watch.

Can not help but add this, all are new or free, do not cost any money. You do not need to login, if you want to interact, just register as members. Watching movies, watching football is most afraid of advertising. Particularly with binhluan.tv, there are also ads, but very few.


Anyone who is using the FPT network needs to ask questions about the best website for watching online football. FPTPlay.Vn is the best. FPTPlay.vn’s characteristic is that football tournaments are already European, so when you choose to watch football on this website, you will: Watch Europe’s top football screens, show on time and ensure no loss of waves, guaranteed.

100% guarantee no ads when viewing. In particular, all commenters on the web are professional commentators. Having all of these things is a waste of money, but not much. Spend a little fee to enjoy football, do not advertise, the image is smoother than free, but I always fall in mood.


Kplus.vn – one of the best online football watching websites, most loved by many people. This online soccer watch web is mainly used to be compatible with television screens. The interesting thing is that you absolutely can watch both the top matches at home and abroad in the best way. With Kplus.vn you can enjoy the top matches of the Premier League, La Ligia, Serie A, League 1… nothing better than that.


So popular but easy to use can only be youtube. Currently, this video social networking site integrates many different applications that allow viewers to directly interact with football on official YouTube channels. However, because it is a “public” product, it is impossible to expect a website youtube.com to surf smoothly and smoothly.

The football matches broadcast on these are usually the ones that are live streamed again from domestic and foreign broadcasters. At Youtube.com, you can still watch all the different football tournaments such as Champion League, La Liga, Premier League, Europa League, .. You can watch football live on both 2 platforms of Youtube is web and mobile App.


Recently, the website livestream.com emerged attracting the attention of those who love the ball, especially the young. This page is not “exploited” by many people, so it must be said that it is super soft. It can be said that livestream.com is also one of the best online football watching websites, you should not ignore.

To be able to watch the matches on Livestream.com, select and watch events, then click your favorite field in the left column. This page is always a website channel that reports not only important football events in the world but also other fields such as culture or science fiction, … Disadvantages of this website language history Used entirely in English, there are no commenters, so it can make many people not interested.


For fans of the ball, it is difficult to not know the name of the website that seems to be very familiar, which is bongdaplus.vn. Not only reporting live football matches around the world, but here you can update events, news related to football matches, fixtures, transfer news as well as time frames. live those matches.


Recently, Vnexpress not only makes electronic newspapers but also invades advertising and now football. If you want to watch football, especially the Vietnam matches with other countries, go to now and always watch Vnexpress’s sports page. Here, there are also reports on many major football tournaments, and also ranked daily schedules. Regarding the image quality, it can be said that this site is highly appreciated by fake authors.

In addition to watching football, there are also special reports made by reporters of Vnexpress. The only downside is that there are too many advertisements, sometimes when the viewers are excited, the ads are also frustrating. However, receiving a lot of feedback from the audience, the page has also changed, less ads to not break the emotional circuit of viewers.


Not only football, at website 24h.com.vn you can stay up to date with all sports information. For example, basketball, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, … Because it is sport 24, the information on this website is updated very quickly, continuously and promptly. You can think of this as the best website for watching online football and also as a reputable website to read sports newspapers, instead of choosing the usual news aggregator.

Today, the nha cai uy tin also offer their customers live sports, by offering football live betting. This allows them to increase their bets in live play. In short, there are many different ways you can watch a perfect soccer game for free. In one way or another, watch alone or together, watch at home or watch in public. Football always has its own way to reach the largest fans. Above are the quality live football websites. Hope this article helps you find a place to enjoy the top games.