October 1st and summer seems to have finished, at least during the night.  I actually woke up in the middle of the night feeling cold.

It’s not all bad news through because bowling season opens with a vengeance with competitive bowls Mon, Wed and Fri, and some keen bowling on Tues, and Thurs, club days.

Our internal 1,2,3, league now known as Barclays internal winter league as it is sponsored by Barclays who have always been generous in their support for the club and we thank them very much.   For those that don’t know 1,2,3 means 6 ends of trips, 6 ends of pairs, 6 ends of singles, – each discipline being worth 2 points and 2 points for the total, giving a maximum of 8 points to be won. It really does give new interest to both players and supporters.

This in the true winter league tradition is followed by a meal open to everyone.  This first game saw the Kolas and Pandas (all teams have animal names) shoot to the top of the league with maximum points and 30 of us stayed to enjoy the meal.

Staying for a meal is a true bowling tradition and for those that bowled in Britain a vast improvement over a cold salad in wet clothes, but the banter and crack is always good.

Monday 6th was Shirley Withers funeral held at Rojales with a service by Christian Hope Fellowship of which both John and Shirley were active members.  Regardless of your faith I thought John’s analysis of life sailing over the horizon with us saying goodbye while the other side of the horizon is welcoming you, seemed very comforting.

Dave Hadaway