By Andrew Atkinson

An arrest has been made by the Policia Nacional – four years after a robber snatched hundreds of euros from a pharmacy.

A male in Alicante was arrested following DNA tests matched the accused following investigations by Alicante Scientific Police Brigade.

A sock used as a glove by the robber in 2017 has shown a DNA match after a lengthy period of investigation undertaken by the Judicial Police Operational group of the Alicante Central District Police.

During the robbery at a pharmacy in the Miguel Hernández neighbourhood, formerly José Antonio, the thief stole 650 euros.

The Judicial Police Operational Group of the Central District Police Station of Alicante found the thief was on police file records.

A court case is pending, in the wake of the alleged robber currently spending time in prison for other crimes.

The Territorial DNA Laboratory of the Provincial Scientific Police Brigade of the Superior Police Headquarters of Valencia has solved five ongoing crimes of theft with force, and one of robbery with violence.

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