By Andrew Atkinson

Five hundred students are to test bracelets in an educational pilot scheme in Spain that records the coronavirus fever.

The pioneer scheme will involve students of 1st and 2nd Grade of Primary and 1st and 2nd of ESO from Alicante, Castellón and Valencia educational centres.

The scheme is being undertaken in collaboration with textile printing company Colorprint Fashion, in the wake of developing and having patented a thermal fabric, activated by increasing body temperature, which changes to white at approximately 37.5 °c.

The pilot scheme will be undertaken over a two weeks’ period on a voluntarily basis and with the consent of relevant families.

The project to measure covid fever with bracelets was approved in Alcoy, where thermal wristbands change colour, if a virus is detected, which in turn aids schools and institutes, in an attempt to prevent any increase of COVID-19, if detection symptoms arise.

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