The NFL offseason has been surrounded with a lot of drama after big name movements from one team to another. The “Pats” biggest superstar has left the team after several years of playing and got traded by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Meanwhile, the New England Patriots have responded to it by signing Cam Newton.

Perhaps, these are just a few of the changes you must look forward to in the upcoming NFL season. The newest edition of the NFL will take place on September 10, 2020. It will follow the same seeding format of the 32 teams representing the American Football Conference and National Football Conference.

With the event coming closer, all teams are getting ready to wrestle in the 2020 NFL to earn this year’s Super Bowl LV title. While you wait for the day the largest American football settles, let’s see the latest FanDuel NFL odds of the highly anticipated teams you should see in the upcoming NFL season.

Kansas City Chiefs (+600)

As the current defending champion of the Super Bowl LIV title, the Kansas City Chiefs are taking the top spot in today’s NFL rankings. They currently have a +600 odds value, taking the title of the favorite as they’re trying to do another stint in the 2020 NFL season. Will this team be able to defend their title this year successfully? We’ll find out soon.

Baltimore Ravens (+650)

Since 2000, the Baltimore Ravens have been part of the NFL playoffs season 12 times.  Out of these playoff appearances, they have secured two Super Bowl titles (2000, 2012). In today’s ranking, the Ravens are in second place, carrying at least +650 odds value. Last year, they faced defeat against the Tennessee Titans in the Divisional Playoffs. However, the team assures that they will surely bounce back this year.

San Francisco 49ers (+1000)

The San Francisco 49ers had a very tough road last NFL season but managed to appear in the finals. Although they are the underdogs, they have shown the guts to face the Chiefs and settled as a runner. Today, they are returning to the 2020 NFL edition carrying a +1000 odds value in the current ranking, taking the third spot.

New Orleans Saints (+1200)

Last year, the New Orleans Saints had faced the Minnesota Vikings in the Wildcard playoffs but was way behind after pushing the game to overtime. However, this team keeps surprising the NFC groups because they can usually become a huge dark horse. With a current odds value of +1200, the Saints occupy the 4th spot in NFL rankings today.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1400)

Garnering at least +1400 odds value, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has managed to take the 5th spot in today’s NFL rankings. Since 2007, the Bucs haven’t appeared in the playoffs, as well as in the divisional match-ups. However, by signing Tom Brady this year, this team might be the biggest contender to look forward to in the Super Bowl LV.

Dallas Cowboys (+1700)

With a current odds value of +1700, the Dallas Cowboys are on the 6th spot for today’s NFL rankings. As members of the NFC East Division, they are looking forward to occupying another stint in the playoffs, which they missed last year. Remember that the Cowboys is one of the first-ever groups named by Forbes as the Most Valuable Sports Team with a value of $5.5 billion.

New England Patriots (+1700)

The New England Patriots had the biggest disappointment last year. They were the most highly favored teams in the AFC East. However, during the Wildcard playoffs, the Tennessee Titans dispatched the Pats, ending their rally to the Super Bowl LV title. This year, they are working hard to get another spot in the playoffs as they settle on the 7th place in today’s NFL rankings.

Buffalo Bills (+2800)

Although the Buffalo Bills had missed the playoffs season last year, they are returning big in the upcoming NFL season. They are currently on the 8th spot with a +2800 odds value. The Bills were one of the football teams who experienced the longest drought in the NFL, unable to achieve the title from 1999 to 2017. For the past two years, they played great and won the first ten season wins since 2019.

Tennessee Titans (+3000)

The Tennessee Titans got their huge leap last year, even though they were an underdog. This team surprised the whole football world when they brought down the Pats in the Wildcard playoffs. Today, they are returning in the 2020 NFL season for the AFC South, taking the 9th place in the rankings with +3000 odds value.

Houston Texans  (+5000)

For the last five years, the Texans managed to appear in the playoffs, representing the AFC South. Last year, they won in the Wildcard against the Buffalo Bills. However, as they jousted against the 49ers during the Divisional playoffs, they failed to win the match. In today’s NFL ranking, they occupy the 10th spot with a +5000 odds value.


This year’s NFL season will carry another batch of exciting matches. This excitement is brought by big movements happening in each team- trading the best players in the football world. Hence, don’t miss any chance to look out for the ten highly ranked teams in the NFL today, as one might come out as the big winner.