How To Have The Healthiest Lawn In The Neighborhood?

How To Have The Healthiest Lawn In The Neighborhood
How To Have The Healthiest Lawn In The Neighborhood

If you’re tired of thinking that your lawn is a sorry sight, there are things you can do to make it the talk of the town. A gorgeous lawn doesn’t just become like that on its own. Harsh winters, scorching summers, and constant foot traffic all take a toll on your lawn.

Your lawn doesn’t need a whole bunch of chemicals to remain healthy. However, it does need some tender loving care to look lush and healthy because ignoring it can turn it into a patch of dryness that resembles nothing a lawn should look and feel like.

If you don’t even know where to start with lawn care, then this is a good and informative read for you. With just a few things to do, you can keep your lawn at its best with the coming of each season. The tips and advice can be used on all types of grass in all locations, whether you live in an area with a cold or warm climate.

Water Moderately

The first mistake homeowners often make is watering their lawn too much. They often water it every day during the hot months, but that causes more harm than good. When you do that, it encourages the roots of the grass to remain closer to the soil, and that makes the lawn more vulnerable to heat and drought.

The exact amount of water will usually depend on the type of grass you have since there are different species, but regardless, it’s more important to water deeply rather than frequently. You want to get enough water through the grass and into the soil. Obviously, too little water will dry it out, but too much water can cut off the air supply and do other serious damage. Watering shouldn’t be done on a routine schedule, but only when needed.

How To Have The Healthiest Lawn In The Neighborhood
How To Have The Healthiest Lawn In The Neighborhood

Mow Your Grass

Unlike watering, regularly scheduled mowing is a good thing. The more you mow, the better and healthier your grass can be. Frequent mowing helps the grass grow. There is good, healthy grass underneath it all, and mowing allows grass to grow and take over. Mowing also produces thick and dense roots.

A routine mowing schedule usually means twice a week. However, most people are busy and don’t have two days a week to devote to lawn mowing. Alongside that, there’s a right and wrong way to mow and certain heights to mow at. 

In addition, people who live in warmer clients like in parts of Australia may as well use different species of grass that grow better in a hot climate and could need specific care. You’re not expected to know everything about grass and more specific lawn care.

So, according to the experts at, when in doubt, you can seek a professional team to give your lawn a hedge trimming, lawn mowing, and edging. They will take out the guesswork of how and when to mow your lawn and give your loan a lush look instead of the dry, patchy look it may sport if handled improperly. It’s a great solution if you are still a beginner and don’t know much.

Remove Weeds and Moss

There’s no way around it; weeds and moss make lawns ugly, and they block nutrients from getting into the soil. The best way is just to pull weeds out, roots and all. Moss is even more damaging to your lawn and thrives in places with high water or moisture, areas with poor drainage, and low-quality soil. 


A beautiful lawn needs quality soil, and the way to get high-quality soil is to use a fertilizer. Fertilizers provide the soil with crucial elements that are often lost over time. The fertilizer will replenish and replace those lost nutrients in the soil.

Phosphorous, Nitrate, and Potassium are three key elements that keep lawns looking rich. Missing any of these three nutrients will cause your lawn to look dry and brown. All fertilizers come with a written ‘bag rate’ printed on the bag that basically tells you how large an area you can cover.

A lawn is supposed to be green and lush; there’s no debate about that, but that can be easier said than done. There’s a lot that goes into caring for a lawn, and it goes beyond just watering and mowing it.

It’s common, and practical to hire people who understand everything about lawn care and who will use better, more professional equipment and advanced techniques than what you might use. It’s not impossible to keep your lawn the envy of the neighborhood all year long. You just need to be patient and dedicated.