Gaming is a huge business in Las Vegas. Because of this, you will find a wide variety of large casinos. You will find them inside and outside the strip with the biggest being located at Sunset Station Hotel & Casino which is outside the strip. Find the list of the casinos below :

1.Mandalay Bay Casino.

If you have been searching for an airy and huge casino, this is the place to be. It is a 160,334 sq.ft. that has table games spread out around the middle and slot machines around the gaming space. You will find table games, plus 1700 slot machines, poker room and the limits range from medium-high.


Visiting this casino will always give you an upscale feel. Its décor is elegant and the casino s outlying places give the casino a great quaint experience. The limits here can be high so you can expect upscale clientele. It sits on 156,000 sq.ft. and has plus 200 table games, 2300 plus slot machines, a poker room and a sports book with huge screens, deep plush seats and a VIP ambience. Just like royal vegas, the limits here are medium- high.

3. MGM Grand Las Vegas

You can expect a skill-based gaming experience here. You will find casual eats near the casino together with a food court where you can grab a fast snack without wasting much of your gaming time. It is a 153,000 sq.ft. that contains 175 plus table games, 2000 plus slot machines that features progressive jackpots of up to $500,000 and a poker room. Additionally, the sports book has more than 60 TVs that show each sport on the board.

4. Aria Resort and Casino

Looking for a casino with restaurants and convenient drinking areas? This is the place to be. You will feel relaxed and entertained in this place. It is a 150,000 sq.ft. casino with a variety of table games, many slot machines, a poker room, big TVs, luxurious seats and great food varieties. Its limits are medium to high.

5. The Venetian Las Vegas

It is one of the classiest casinos and it is very spacious. It has several restaurants and drinking areas around the gaming space. It seats on 138,684 sq.ft. and you can play slots, table games and there is a poker room. Its sports book is huge and has personal booths that contain little screens for those interested in focused sports gaming.

6. Caesars Palace

The casino here has combined several different spaces in the lower floor of the resort. You will feel it’s huge since you will walk for quite a while between gaming spaces. There are high limit places here. It is 124,181 sq.ft. with many table games, slots, a poker room and the limits are medium-high.

7. Circus-Circus Casino

Looking to game on a low-budget? This is the place to be. You can enjoy low-limit tables. In addition, there are numerous slot machines and a poker room. Its décor is not complicated. Additionally, they provide gaming lessons all day at the casino pit.

8. Wynn Las Vegas

People will tell you this is the biggest casino on the Las Vegas strip. It has an amazing space and you will experience an upscale energy. During the weekends, there is the nightclub crowd so you can feel younger when you are here. It sits on 116,187 sq.ft. and has numerous, table games, slots, and a poker room. The limits are medium-high.

9. Palazzo Las Vegas

This casino has walkways with enough spaces and ceilings that are high that create a beautiful and luxurious area. You can enjoy a variety of affordable options and many casino bars. It is 105,000 feet with many slot machines, table games and medium-high limits. Get an Ignition Bonus here.

10. Luxor Las Vegas

This casino is surrounded by few lounges and drinking spaces so you might feel it is not huge than it is when compared to other casinos. You will find several food options here. Its 120,000 square feet and comes with a variety of table games among others. The limits are low to medium.