Following last year’s disappointing closure of San Javier Airport the project ‘San Javier, city of the air’ is continuing its recovery by twinning the coastal municipality with the Portuguese town of Ponto do Sor in the Alentejo region, an area that contains Beja airport and that also has a long association with the aeronautical industry.

The Council approved the twinning in a recent plenary session which according to the councillor responsible for the project, Rubén Pérez, has as its ultimate objective the joint organization of an annual international aeronautical fair that would take place alternately in the two cities, taking advantage of the facilities of the old San Javier airport.

The agreement adopted in the Plenary will allow the twinning of the two cities which will then work on an exchange of experiences as they promote mutual cooperation “given the similarities that the two cities have and the importance placed by both on their aeronautical culture,” said Rubén Pérez.

Ponto do Sor houses several aeronautical industries, as well as an outstanding pilot school and an important airport. It also has a great deal of experience in running aeronautical fairs and is the headquarters of the Portugal Air Summit.