San Pedro del Pinatar fishermen and the regional administration have agreed that there will be no fishing in the Mar Menor until the New Year, this after the collapse suffered by the Mar Menor a little over a week ago that caused the death of millions of fish and crustaceans.

According to the president of the Fishermen’s Association, Jesús Gómez, the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and the Environment will pay 50 percent of the monies that they will lose as a result of the agreement.

Gomez said that “there is no way can we fish because of the present situation, but my members still have to eat and pay their mortgages”.

During these three months, the suspension will allow experts to determine the real extent of the damage that that the water without oxygen has done to the fishing grounds as well as allowing the stocks to begin their recovery.

It is understood that the results of the analysis of the water that was collected in the sea following the mass mortality is still not available. If it shows that there is no contaminating substance, the ministry can begin a campaign to regain the trust of the public.