•  Consequences of the Gota Fria could be significant for Torrevieja Salinas

By Andrew Atkinson EXCLUSIVE

THE consequences of the Gota Fria could be significant for the Salinas in Torrevieja – with notable changes in the salt lagoons – after the storms.

“There has been changes in the salt lagoon – with a considerable contribution of fresh water visible,” said a spokesperson from Cronicas Naturales Torrevieja.

The Gota Fria storms that hit Spain and devastated parts of Alicante and Murcia last week were the biggest in over a century, that lead to seven people drowning in the disaster.

Regions within the Vega Baja were affected, with 4,000 people evacuated from their homes throughout Spain, with floods, loss of farmers crops animals drowned.

The Natural Chronicles of Torrevieja released a statement, following visible dramatic changes of water colour – usually pink – at the entrance to the Torrevieja lagoon.

The salt flats of Torrevieja, a protected area, is part of the Natural Park of Lagunas La Mata and Torrevieja.

The salt lakes in Torrevieja are characterised by very thick water, which is due to its high concentration of salt.

A peculiar pink color, due to special algae that inhabit the bottom of the lakes, equipped with microorganisms give the original and characteristic color.

The salt lakes – known as the Pink lake of Torrevieja – hit the headlines in 2018 with the banning of bathing, and namely muds bathing.

The regulations of the Natural Park of Lagunas de La Mata and Torrevieja, do not allow mud bathing in the lagoon.

There is evidence that the Romans exploited the pink lagoon to obtain their salts, by manufacturing their own ducts.

“The situation in the lagoons endangers the salt harvest – and also jobs,” said the spokesperson from Cronicas Naturales Torrevieja.