Now that the waters are receding, the repairs and cleaning can get underway, we can start asking some serious questions and demanding serious answers.

Years of massive lack of investment by previous Councils, lead by PP and PSOE resulted in the amount of damage here on the coast, Costa Campoamor.

Last year saw, supposedly, the worst storms for 75 years. That should have set alarm bells ringing, but really it’s the same story every year. When it rains it’s the same damage then it’s the same repairs.

They hope by ignoring these disasters they might go away, those councils and councillors should be questioned why didn’t they do their jobs properly.

Ask yourself, would this be allowed to go on like that in Orihuela city, I don’t think so.
Greedy Councils and Builders should be investigated.

The road by Campoamor by the beach should not have been washed away like that if it was built properly.

This is nothing but greed and biased treatment towards the coast, by those who view us as second class citizens by our masters 35 kms away. The leader of PSOE, who is our Prime, Minister Pedro Sanchez, was here, not as a show of support, no, it was purely for electioneering propaganda, to be held in November.

Then we had our dubious Mayor who only comes when it’s election time or only if it can improve his profile, but, when he leaves the coast, he stops his car and brushes the sand from his feet, so he feels not contaminated by us!!.

No Council or Mayor from Orihuela 35km away will ever look after the coast.
History shows us that.

What we need first, is Financial Autonomy, by that I mean keep more of the revenue that’s raised here on the coast and stays here on the coast.

As it stands now, 49% of the Councils revenue is raised here, but we only get a pittance back. After autonomy then we will fight for Independence. We will have our own Mayor & Councillors.

Wouldn’t it be great if our first Mayor is a woman! Anything is possible, look at Pilar De la Horadada, Bigastro, San Miguel, Los Montesinos etc., That is our inspiration, to follow in their footsteps