While Orihuela Costa police sit on their hands the Los Montesinos Local Police dealt a second blow in just seven days to put an end to the illegal trading in counterfeit products by a number of manteros in the town who were trading in illegal trade and counterfeit products, seizing 185 items, including bags and watches all bearing the names of well-known brands.

They also confiscated 11 name plates that would have been used on the illegal products thereby bringing a much higher price for the items in question.

This police action was in addition to the one carried out at the local market where the Local Police seized another 300 products – on that occasion almost all underwear and shirts of recognised brands, albeit illegal and that allegedly undermine intellectual and industrial property.

As on that occasion, the police sent 32 samples to the court for investigation and analysis. The rest of the packages, are being held in municipal offices pending the decision that could lead to the destruction of the products.