The PSOE have denounced a wage bill that will cost the taxpayers in Pilar de la Horadada over half a million euros per year, with the mayor himself receiving an income of 3,700 euros gross per month.

The expenditure, which will cover salaries for all councillors and their advisers, also includes an allocation for two extra advisers which the opposition party have said that they are also questioning.

A breakdown of the council salary scale shows that the mayor, José María Pérez, will earn 3,700 euros (gross) per month, while his three senior councillors will each receive 3,200 euros gross per month, and the remainder 2,571 euros per month.

Meanwhile the opposition councillors will receive an allowance of € 500 / month, although the PSOE does not specify how this will be distributed, nor how many councillors will receive it. Neither do they make clear whether this is included in the total of 425,000 euros.

What they do say, however, it that the PP government has now established two categories of councillors: “business class” and “tourist class”.

Neither do the Socialists specify whether the salaries are higher or similar to those charged by their own government in the previous mandate.