F.A.B. (Fighting Against Breast cancer) is a fund raising group run by a group of ladies who have had or have been affected by breast cancer.  They have been raising money for the AECC (Cancer charity) over the past year through monthly charity events and recently on Tuesday 4th June, they held their finale show ‘For One Night Only’ at the Cardenal Belluga Theatre in San Fulgencio.  Their initial aim was to raise 10,000 euros.  By Tuesday night they had exceeded that amount and now the total has risen to just over 11,000 euros. 

The evening took the form of a variety show with top acts performing free of charge including singers Diane Diaz and Shani Ormiston, Jim McMail in tribute to George Michael, the hilarious comedian Justin Sane and Chloe Lee in tribute to Cher.  In addition, the acts were interspersed with three ladies Leigh, Jean and Diane who described their breast cancer experiences; all of which were very different but equally moving for the speakers and the audience.  The evening was compéred by Diane Diaz and concluded by 13 ladies of the F.A.B committee who performed their version of the Real ladies Full Monty in honour of all who have been affected by breast cancer.

Prior to the show, the ladies received good luck videos from the Nolan sisters whose lives have also been blighted by breast cancer.  Coleen Nolan who was part of the televised Ladies Full Monty told the FA.B team, “They’re just boobs, get them out for cancer”.

The evening was a huge success; the acts were amazing and many of the audience were moved to tears in response to the Cancer stories.  Maria Wilson and her Pink Ladies attended the evening and Maria accepted the cheque from F.A.B for the AECC.  After the final song, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ the audience gave a standing ovation to all involved in the show.