Whether you use a motor vehicle every day to get to and from work, or you only use your car to get to and from the store when you’re at home, a car accident can come out of nowhere, regardless of your driving skills and carefulness. The roads can be dangerous due to weather conditions or dangerous drivers – and often accidents are just that – accidental collisions that might have been avoided but for bad luck. Whatever the case, if you suffer a car accident, you should follow the same process as everyone else to responsibly and speedily deal with the collision.


Your first port of call after suffering a car accident is to call your insurer and, at the same time, make sure that you have the details of the other parties involved in your collision. You’ll need to be able to pass their personal details and their insurer on to your insurance team, who’ll be able to discuss liability in terms of whose fault the collision was – and thus who should pay for the damages to the vehicles involved in the collision.

Health Check

While a car accident is surely traumatic, you might also suffer one of many injuries that are commonplace after an accident in a vehicle. One of the most common of these is whiplash – the spinal injury that can cause back pain and headaches after the event of a crash. You should visit a doctor to get yourself checked for any injury, or to get injuries treated, as soon as possible after a car crash in order to assess your health following a collision in your vehicle.

Car Recovery

Your car may be in a state that makes it impossible to drive following a car crash. You will, in this case, be forced to recover your vehicle from the site of the collision, through the use of a tow-truck. This might be covered by your insurer, or you may have to organize it on your own – but you should make sure you deal with this responsibility quickly in order to protect your vehicle from further damage, or yourself from costly expenses should the authorities be forced to move your vehicle for you. Take it to a local garage to have the damage assessed and the costs of repairs presented to you and your insurer.

Personal Injury

While your insurer will help you with the costs associated with your vehicle’s demise, you might also be due compensation for your collision if you sustained an injury as a result of the incident at hand. In this case, it’s recommended that you talk with the personal injury lawyers at Grossman Law Offices to discuss your next steps regarding claims and liability. You can claim for doctor’s fees, rehabilitation costs, loss of earnings, pain, and suffering, and other costs associated with your injury – and these will help you get back on your feet completely following your car crash.

Follow the advice above to recover quickly from a car crash, preventing additional disruption and costs from mounting up in the wake of a difficult and unexpected setback in your life.


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