Hike to the “guns”

The walkers car shared up to the “guns”. There were 36 in total, the largest group of the season. A gentle descend took everyone to the seashore and along to a long long incline. After a short rest the walk continued up the side of the rambla. Beautiful scenery, lots of wild flowers and a narrow track headed inland.

Progress was slow and the restaurant was contacted to say the party would be an hour late. As the kitchens were closing at 15:30 hrs, this proved to be a race against the clock.

Campillo de Adentro was finally made.

The distance was 5.99 miles and the potential energy lost was 2222ft and the energy gained was 1793ft.

The menu del dia was in La Caleta, Puerto de Mazarron. The kitchen was still open when everyone arrived and the consensus was that the location was great next to the new marina and the food was much appreciated.

Darwinian Gardeners

On the evening of the first Saturday in May, a group of 40 gardeners boarded a coach and drove to Puerto Lumbreras in order to visit the castle and the cave houses in the area called the Medina Nogalte.

We were shown around by a guide from the Tourist Office, who first spent some time explaining the history of the cave houses. Then we were free to wander around inside the 6 houses, which have been decorated in the style of the 1960’s.

We then walked further up the hill to look at the castle and admired the wonderful views.

The evening was very cold, and we were glad to get back in the coach. We then divided into two groups, one visited an exhibition for collectors of stamps,  coins, dolls etc, and the other walked around the town for an hour until supper time. The Bocadillón de Jamon managed to lay a table for and feed 40 hungry gardeners.

There will be a break now for the summer, and we will start again in September with a picnic in the country. If you would like to join the group please contact darwiniangardeners@gmail.com 

Join us for walks, discussion groups, gardening group, games evenings and lots of lunches, for information tel 669 338 885 or email humanistsofmurcia@gmail.com or website www.humanistsofmurcia.com

Weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies: for personalized ceremonies without religion, contact the celebrant tel 634 025 711