If you are considering buying a second-hand vehicle in Spain, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Aside from ensuring the documentation is in order, there is an official way in which you can check the data and information held on file, obtaining a detailed report of the vehicle´s history.

There are two types of report, a standard and detailed report, and then there are five types of detailed reports: complete, technical data, loads, vehicles in the name of the interested party and vehicles without registration.

The reduced report, Informe reducido, confirms the correct identification of the vehicle and if there is any type of incident recorded with it. You can apply for the reduced report online at dgt.es, and it is free.

The Detailed report, Informe detallado, includes more information about the vehicle, such as its current owner, if it is authorised to be used on the road, the expiration of the ITV and any recorded incidents.

You can request any of the five detailed reports online dgt.es, or in person at your Provincial Traffic Headquarters, with the required documents and payment.

In order to request a detailed report, you will need the completed official application form, the identification of the interested party, the reason for which the report is requested, and confirmation of the fee having been paid, which is currently 8.40€.

To request the document at the trafico office you will need to make an appointment via the website, dgt.es , or by telephoning the 060 telephone number. If you are making an appointment to request the documentation it is also worth keeping in mind that the offices cannot accept cash and payment is only possible with a bank card.