The weather on June 17th was perfect for the SAMM race competitors, 8 to 10 knot ENE winds with few shifts or gusts but this lead to two races with little excitement and no incidents.

Numbers are still reducing slightly as more people leave Spain for the summer, resulting in 9 competitors in 6 boats starting the first race over a triangular course forced upon them when one of the marks broke free from it’s anchor whilst being positioned.

 It was a close start for the 5 lap morning race. Shoestring Tres led followed by The Laser Radial, Topaz Duo, Quba, Shoestring Uno and Sirocco who was last across the line 1 min and 36 secs after the signal. As the race progressed the boats gradually spread out but there were some good tussles for position between the Radial and Quba. Sirocco was lapped by Tres during lap 4 and the Radial and Quba finished just 6 secs apart.

The winner after handicaps were Tug Wilson and Jack Moss on Tres, second the Quba only 26 secs behind and third Sirocco just 33 secs later.

As the wind had dropped to 6-7 knots, the Race Officer increased the afternoon race to 6 laps. Lesley Singleton joined the fleet on her Topper, but Sirocco did not compete. The 6 boats again had a very close start, except for the Laser Radial which was delayed by a rigging problem and finally started a whole lap behind.

Again Tres led for the whole of the race but this time did not build such a commanding lead so lost out once the corrected times were calculated to finish third behind the first placed Quba of John Down and second placed Uno.

Lesley had retired after lap five so did not finish, a shame because she would have probably been third in her first race in a single hander.

With just one race day (two races) remaining in the season there is only 1 point between first and second placed boats and 0.25 points between third and forth.